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Small Appliance Repair
Temporarily closed due to the pandemic

If your small appliances aren’t working or need repairs, Newton at Home has an answer. For those of you hoping to repair rather than replace, several NAH fix-it volunteers are taking on everything from irons to clocks to toasters every Wednesday afternoon, 1:00-3:00pm.


… and the initial evaluation and the repairs are free although there may be a small charge if parts are needed.  NAH is pleased to provide this service to the entire Newton community.


Among the diverse items that our volunteers have repaired over the years are teapots, record players, staplers, hairdryers, toasters, pencil sharpeners, Mix Masters (1945), bracelets, lamps (including antique vases made into lamps), dust busters, leaf blowers, radios, a Christmas manger, a holiday carousel, slide viewers, clasps, coffee machines, fans, paper shredders, sewing machines, and incense burners.


You can drop off your small appliances in the basement of the Scandinavian Living Center at 206 Waltham Street any Wednesday from 1:00-3:00pm.

From our Executive Director: “We all have a sentimental favorite... a lamp, a clock or some electric device that we’d prefer to keep and fix instead of throwing away. Not many stores offer this service any more and they don’t have time for it. But this really is a skill our members have – and they enjoy the challenge of bringing something back to good working order.”


History: The Workshop was started by Newton resident Al Henick under the auspices of SOAR 55 and moved into the Scandinavian Living Center basement some twenty years ago. The responsibility for the Workshop moved to Newton at Home in 2016.


Note: The volunteers do not fix any electronic equipment.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Newton at Home – 617-795-2560

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