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Who We Are
Newton at Home (NAH) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven membership organization. We were founded by a group of longtime Newton residents and welcomed our first members in April 2011.

NAH is just one of more than 325 Villages that have sprung up all over the country in what is called The Village Movement. Modeled after small towns of the past where neighbor helped neighbor and social networks were tight, today's Villages have proved highly successful in meeting both the practical and social needs of many older adults. 

Full members pay an annual fee to gain access to a vast range of in-house and transportation services. Volunteers who are fully vetted and trained provide ninety-nine percent of NAH services. All NAH members have opportunities to attend events and programs, socialize, learn, and have fun.

NAH membership also benefits the families of members who gain peace of mind knowing that their loved ones have access to an enormous support network. And NAH plays an important role in the larger community, too, offering both young and old a meaningful opportunity to become involved in community service.