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Winter Buddy

Our Winter Buddy Program was born to respond to the myriad challenges of living through a Newton winter; short days, long and dark nights, cold and wet weather, snowfall, and possible power outages. It is one of our simplest, yet most effective programs. The Program runs from December 1 to  April 1.

2019-20 is the eighth year of the Winter Buddy Program. Each NAH Winter Buddy volunteer teams with one of NAH's Full members who has requested a Winter Buddy to check in when the weatherman announces that a snowfall is imminent. The Winter Buddy calls the member to ensure that the member is ready with essential supplies, has plans for snow removal, and has a charged cellphone. If storm lasts for more than one day, the volunteer buddy will call each day to check in.

Many of our members have already decided to rejoin their volunteer buddy from last year.

What does an NAH volunteer Winter Buddy do once they have been assigned a member?

  1. Call your Winter Buddy to introduce yourself once the assignment has been made
  2. Advise that a storm is coming
  3. Assess need for essential supplies (medications, milk, bread, flashlights and batteries, etc.)
  4. Ensure there are plans for snow removal
  5. Check that their cellphone is charged
  6. Call your buddy every day of the storm

If you would like to be assigned a volunteer Winter Buddy or to be a volunteer, please contact Hannah Goldberg at the NAH Office at 617-795-2560.

We will need to have a copy of your current driver license on file for you to be a Winter Buddy.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NAH office with any questions about this wonderful program. We look forward to hearing from you.